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You talk, we do the rest.

At the Book Counselor, we’ve developed a new way to write a successful book that bypasses the painfully slow and frustrating aspects of traditional writing and publishing.

Our interview process gets those great ideas and stories out of your head and into a well-written, professionally published book that conveys authority, fosters independence, generates revenue, and changes lives … in your words and unique voice!

You literally write your book as you speak.  It’s incredibly quick, easy, and yes – fun.

You talk, we do the rest.

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The company hatched from the difficulties that Joe Bovino, founder and CEO of The Book Counselor, experienced while transitioning from lawyer to first-time author. After practicing law more or less full-time for the first 19 years of his career, Joe decided it was time to write a book. He finished it, but it took four years, and the opportunity cost was huge. Even his book launch, which should have put the book on Amazon’s radar due to the enormous number of sales that day, went sideways when a consultant hired to manage the process dropped the ball.

Joe was discouraged and almost gave up writing for good, but he studied what gurus in book writing, publishing and marketing were doing, put his own spin on it, and eventually uncovered a new way to write and publish successful books. In late 2014, he started writing his second book, finished in less than 90 days, and launched it to #1 bestseller status in January 2015.  Later that year, he relaunched his first book and made it a #1 bestseller after all. He quickly wrote a third book, which became his first international #1 bestseller. And, on August 30, 2016, Joe’s fourth book became his second Amazon international #1 bestseller. His fifth book is scheduled for release in October 2017.

Now, it’s time to turn your wisdom into a successful book, and we’re here to make it an extraordinarily quick, easy, and enjoyable adventure. All you have to do is get started and let our proven, 6-step process work its magic for you.


Here are a few books that we helped to create, publish and launch


The Book Counselor process consists of 6 easy steps.


We work closely with you to crystallize your book idea, address threshold questions (e.g., genre, market) and position your book to accomplish your primary objectives.


Through a series of conversations with you, we apply the hero’s journey story structure to the main and supporting stories of your book and use those stories to develop an outline.


We conduct a series of recorded interviews with you where we walk through the book outline by asking leading questions that allow you to share your ideas, stories and wisdom in a relaxed, conversational way.


We have your audio recordings transcribed, edited, proofread, and returned to you. This isn’t old-school ghostwriting because our editors take great care to preserve your words and unique voice while making sure the book reads exceptionally well.


Once you’ve reviewed and approved the manuscript, we handle the publishing details for you, including book cover design, interior design, eBook conversion, ISBN numbers, Amazon accounts, and everything else necessary to publish and distribute your book.


We coordinate and manage a bestseller launch campaign for you, with a goal of making your book a #1 bestseller in its category on Amazon. Then we assist you in marshaling the resources necessary to market and profit from your book for years to come.



How much is not being a published author costing you? How many potential clients, customers and fans can’t hear your voice in the sea of noise? Will your expertise, knowledge, and stories be shared with generations to come or die when you do? How many people are passing up your consulting? How much longer will you live without generating income while you sleep? Not being a published author may already be costing you a great deal.

Pricing & Benefits

$20K $5k per month for 4 months

You talk. We do the rest, including:

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